CELTA Teaching Practice – I Survived!

Celebratory lunch after the last teaching practice session

We finished our final (8th) teaching practice on Friday, and then celebrated with doughnuts that the upper-level class students brought in (they all chipped in — so thoughtful!).

For our final lesson we each picked the material for our lesson.  Mine was a vocabulary lesson, so I used visitor information for the Bass Pro Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium that opened a few months ago in Springfield, and Joe (one of the other teacher-trainees) followed up with a reading lesson also based on Wonders of Wildlife.  The topic was familiar to all of the students, which made teaching the vocabulary easier.  For controlled practice of the vocabulary, we played a guessing game (an adaptation of Taboo), with men against women — the students really got into the game.

Our students in both the upper and lower levels were wonderful — very patient with our stumbles, willing to try anything that we offered, and enthusiastic to learn.  If only all ESL teaching experiences were this positive!

After class and doughnuts, the teacher-trainees and our trainers (Jennifer J and Phil) celebrated at the Indian restaurant next door, where this photo was taken.  Jennifer J, Jen M and Phil were incredibly patient with us as well, even after sitting through each 3-hour class, annotating everything we did.  Their feedback was always timely, on point, and immediately usable.

Last steps — two more written assignments and finishing up the last 3 course units — in 2 more weeks I’ll be done!

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