CELTA Teaching Practice — Day 2



These are four of our wonderful (and very tolerant) students.  They’re wearing winter coats in the classroom because the HVAC isn’t working well — the room was 62 degrees and they gamely put up with 4 neophyte teachers for 3 hours.

My vocabulary lesson this morning went well — everyone participated and they seemed to enjoy the relay-race game.  Teaching practice sessions are judged either “At Standard” or “Below Standard”, and my lesson was At Standard (so I’m happy).

My lesson for tomorrow is a listening lesson, with an audio text about three wildlife photos.  I’m relieved that I have finished my prep for tomorrow morning’s lesson (and it’s only 8pm), so I have a chance to start on Friday’s lesson (a grammar lesson) tonight.

Hopefully tomorrow when the MSU offices re-open we’ll be able to get help:
– getting the classrooms up to a comfortable temperature
– getting Wifi access in the building, and
– getting the computers in the computer lab to recognize the printer in the computer lab.

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