CELTA Teaching Practice – Day 1

Going to the store

I still haven’t mastered the art of covering my nose from 2 degree windchill without fogging my glasses. This was me on the walk to get supplies for dinner. Today’s challenge: making black bean soup without a can opener, cutting board or colander. However, it was hot, so that was enough.

My TP (teaching practice) group includes Alicia, Joe and Anthony.  We’ll be teaching 13 pre-intermediate students this week, and 12 advanced intermediate students next week.  The majority of our students attend Missouri State, along with two older adults and a recent high school graduate.  Ten are from China, two are from Mexico and one is from India.

We met our students today and observed two lessons. I’m first up tomorrow, with a vocabulary lesson relating to free-time activities. (Which is kind of an ironic topic, since we’ve been warned that we we will have 0 free time & no life for the next 2 weeks.)

My lesson topic for Thursday is a listening skills lesson around wildlife photography. I’ll try to find a way to work in the monkey selfie:

Monkey selfie

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