CELTA Teaching Practice – Arrival Day

Student housing

This will be my home for the next two weeks while I do my teaching practice for a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) through Missouri State University in beautiful downtown Springfield, Missouri.  I’m sharing a 4-bedroom/4-bath student apartment with three other women in my CELTA cohort — Anna, Alicia and Deb.  It’s a very nice new apartment complex — my only fear is that I’ll lock myself out of my bedroom if I forget the number combination for my door (and don’t have my purse or phone with me).  Maybe it’s time to get a tattoo!

It’s currently a balmy 7°F, with a wind chill of -2°, but it’s expected to get above freezing by Saturday.  Fortunately, two of my roommates drove here, so we’ll do ride-sharing to & from class, at least until it warms up a little.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we meet our students, observe 3 lessons, and do our final lesson planning.  Then we teach a 45 minute lesson every day through Saturday, and teach four more lessons next week.  This week I’m assigned to the lower-level class; next week I’ll be with the upper-level class.  Tomorrow I’ll find out how many students I’ll be teaching and get a better idea of their English level (advanced beginner or lower intermediate).

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