Day 12 – Fethiye to İstanbul 

It was very hard to say goodbye this morning to Berkay, Sevgi and Ömer, and I’m sure it was even harder for them to see Onur leave. I look forward to our next visit with them.

We drove to the small town of Göcek, which is quite a yachting haven.  There are 5 yacht marinas, and every 3rd store in town is yachting-related (rentals, sales, equipment, clothing, etc).  

The streets were pretty, immaculately clean and empty of the street dogs, cats and chickens that we’ve become accustomed to. 

I felt like I was on the set of the Truman Show, but with a very small cast of extras.

The upside is that the non-yachting stores have really beautiful goods.  We contributed to the local economy.

To ensure that riff-raff like us don’t stick around, the one beach in town charges 100₺ per person between 9am & 9pm.  (It’s free between 9pm-9am.)  I’ll take Kaş over Göcek any day.

Now on to the Dalaman airport…

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