Day 10 – Fethiye 

We had a delightful evening last night – Berkay cooked 4 different kinds of kabobs (kuzu şiş, kuzu bonfile, kıyma, and ızgara köfte) over a small grill outside, which we ate on the patio.  The grill was low on the ground, so he had to keep chasing off the neighborhood cats, who were quite interested in the delicious smells.

We sat around after dinner over raki and water chatting with Ömer and Berkay (thanks to Onur’s invaluable translation skills), learning more about their family and family history.  

For example, Ömer’s great-grandfather was stationed in Yemen during WWI, returning to Istanbul with the collapse of the Ottoman empire.  From there, he made his way back to Gaziantep on foot, about a 6-month journey.

By the time he got home, he had been away and out of contact for over 10 years, and was presumed dead.  (The great-grandfather’s brother had already named a son in the great-grandfather’s memory.)  It was a wonderful evening.

We had another picture-perfect breakfast on the grass this morning.

After breakfast, we headed to the ruins at Tlos, an area that has been occupied since the Bronze Age.  Although the ruins of an Ottoman-era fortress and Lycian and Hellenistic tombs had been known for centuries, ruins of a larger settlement dating to the 2nd century & earlier were discovered in 2005 and are still being excavated:

I was intrigued by the use of recycled column segments in this wall: 

After several hours in the hot sun, we enjoyed a delicious fresh trout lunch on a covered platform in the trees over a small waterfall at the “Orjinal Tlos Yaka Park“: 

After lunch, we drove to Saklıkent Gorge, an amazingly deep slot canyon with a spring-fed (cold!) river at the bottom. 

Keith, Sevgi and I got as far up the canyon as you can go without wading across; Jen, Onur, Berkay and Ömer continued up the canyon further. Check out Jen’s blog for more photos.

On our way home from Saklıkent, we stopped at a local carpet cooperative (no purchases resulted) 

…picked up some figs and cooked corn from a roadside stand 

…and came home and crashed.

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