Day 9 – Fethiye 

Hallelujah – we have reliable internet again!  We’re staying in a nice rental house in Hisarönü, a town just outside of Fethiye.  Upside: it has a washing machine. Downside: no internet.

We corrected that this morning by picking up a mobile hotspot at Turk Telekom in Fethiye this morning, so are now reconnected with the mothership. I will never again travel without a mobile hotspot and local SIM-card.

The kitchen is compact but functional, so Keith decided to try to make coffee using the aeropress he brought from home, with some coffee that Jen & Onur brought from San Francisco. Unfortunately, the coffee filters didn’t make it into the suitcase, so Keith sacrificed a T-shirt to make cotton filters.  Keith, Jen & Onur reported that it worked pretty well, and was about as crunchy as Turkish coffee (which is far less prevalent in Turkey than I expected).

This afternoon we went to the blue lagoon at Ölüdeniz. It was probably beautiful 20 years ago, but is now over-run with beach clubs, where you see all forms of attire from speedos to burkinis.

I’ve noticed that most residences that I’ve seen since we landed in Antalya have solar water heaters on the roof — it’s far more widespread than I’ve seen anywhere else.  These are on apartments above storefronts on the main street in Hisarönü.

On tall, older apartment buildings in Antalya, the rooftops are packed with stacked racks of different colors & brands — it looks like each tenant installed their own. 

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