Day 8 – Çıralı to Fethiye 

Thanks to the $5 meds, I’m feeling much better today, and started the morning with a pre-breakfast swim:

I could definitely get used to this!

We learned that the electricity would be out all day due to construction in the area, so decided to move on toward Fethiye.  

Along the way, we stopped in a beautiful town along the coast called Kaş – charming, clean, and no big resorts.

We enjoyed kebab at Smiley’s, run by a woman from Gaziantep (who speaks beautiful English), then browsed carpet shops for an hour or so.  

We ended in a carpet shop where the owner had lived in San Francisco, and has a friend who has a carpet shop in Portland (“on Northwest 23rd, next to Papa Hayden’s”), which must be Babik’s Hand-Woven Treasures.  It is truly a small world.

After Kaş, we drove to Ölüdeniz, which reminds me of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk on steroids. Keith, Sevgi, Jen & I waited there while Onur, Ömer and Berkay scouted out lodging & negotiated a price.  This took quite a while, so we watched the sunset and watched dozens of tandem para-gliders come in for landings on the main beach front pedestrian walkway -it was entertaining to watch inattentive tourists scramble when they realized that they were about to be run over.

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