Day 7 – Çıralı 

I’ve been sidelined for 2 days with a persistent case of traveller’s trots. Symptoms started as we were leaving Istanbul, but became more pronounced yesterday, causing me to have to skip the boat tour that Jen blogged about here. Her photos of it are beautiful!

Onur’s parents insisted that I see a doctor this morning, so we drove to the next town (Kumluca, population ~33,000) where we met up with a couple that Ömer knows there, who escorted us to the hospital where the wife is a nurse.  (How fortunate is that!). We went into the emergency room, where I was seen immediately by a young doctor who shooed Onur out of the room because she knew enough English to not require his translation services.  After being checked over, I was given an “enjeksiyon” and 3 prescriptions, and was out the door 30 minutes and $23 later. Ömer’s friends then escorted us to the pharmacy, where we filled the 3 prescriptions for just over $5.  I invite anyone who is concerned about “socialized medicine” to experience it first-hand in Turkey!

So, no other activities for me today, just R&R (rest & rehydration). We’ll probably spend one more day here in Çıralı before heading further up the coast to Fethiye, to make sure my digestive system is ready for about a 4-hour car trip.

One interaction at the hospital gave me some insight into Turkish culture. As we were checking in, the receptionist asked for my name, my birthday, and the names of my parents.  Since both of my parents are deceased, I asked Onur why they were asking for this information.  Onur explained that in Turkey, your identity is established by your parents. (This fits with the very strong family ties and respect for parents that I’ve seen here.)

In addition to the resident dogs, cats and chickens here, we saw a hedgehog yesterday evening — a first for me (no photo, but Jen got one).

Here’s a shot of beautiful downtown Çıralı at 8:00 this morning:

Ömer tells me that at night, it’s quite lively; maybe we’ll walk over this evening to check it out.

This kitty has been very willing to keep me company:

…and here’s just one member of the resident flock that works tirelessly to manage the insect population and clean up food dropped on the ground:

It’s fun to watch all of the animals interact.  The chickens are pretty clearly in charge, followed by the cats, and finally the dogs.  

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