Day 3 – Çıralı 

Today we left the frenetic pace of Istanbul, flew to Antalya, and drove to Çıralı. Things I already love about Çıralı:

– a quiet, slow beach pace

– no big resorts, just small pansiyons

– about a 10-minute drive off the highway

– far more Turks (and cats and chickens) than foreign tourists

– a very uncrowded pebbly beach on the Mediterranean 

We met up with Onur’s family, who very graciously didn’t laugh at my rudimentary Turkish.  I’m proud to report that I even completed my first commercial transaction in Turkish – purchasing a large bottle of water for 2 Turkish lira.

I expect that my blog posts from here on may be less frequent, and have less content.  How many ways can you say “we went to the beach, then to a hammock, then ate delicious Turkish food, thanks to Onur’s parents”? (Also, the internet is quite spotty here.)

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